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The whole Darwin thing can still be a tad controversial in Kentucky, a state that hosts a high-tech, Bible-centered, natural-history-style museum that asserts that the Earth is roughly 6,000 years old.

In Hart County, about an hour and 20 minutes south of Louisville, the local school superintendent is now expressing his frustration that a new state biology test is, in his opinion, treating evolution as a fact, rather than a theory.

He also charges that the test is omitting the “creation story” that cites God as the originator of the universe.

The Lexington Herald-Leader’s Jim Warren reported Tuesday that Superintendent Ricky D. Line raised the objections in emails and letters to the state education commissioner and education board.

“I have a very difficult time believing that we have come to a point … that we are teaching evolution … as a factual occurrence, while totally omitting the creation story by a God who is bigger than all of us,” he wrote, according to the newspaper. “My feeling is if the Commonwealth’s site-based councils, school board members, superintendents and parents were questioned … one would find this teaching contradictory to the majority’s belief systems.”

He may not be too far off-base with that last bit. Supporters of teaching evolution agree that many Americans have a hard time getting their heads around what Charles Darwin called his “dangerous idea.”

“Overall, the nation has a big problem,” Dr. Brian Alters, a professor and author of the book “Evolution in the Classroom,” said in a National Institutes of Health newsletter in 2006. “Approximately half of the U.S. population thinks evolution does (or did) not occur. While 99.9% of scientists accept evolution, 40% to 50% of college students do not accept evolution and believe it to be ‘just’ a theory.”

The superintendent remained defiantly skeptical in the face of scientific consensus, noting that it was “interesting that the great majority of scientists felt Pluto was a planet until a short time ago, and now they have totally changed that.”

Are you serious???  Stupid arguments like this make me so……


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    Okay, seriously… Without EXPLICITLY teaching Biblical lore, which even in Kansas they aren’t allowed to do (they have to...
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    A mechanic at work keeps using an argument along those lines to prove to me that the earth is getting bigger and that...
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    People saying evolution is “just a theory” makes me want to do what Jon Stewart is doing in the GIF above. It just goes...
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    This is my fucking state you guys.
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    That’s it. When I go back to Kentucky, I’m going to become a teacher and will teach all the children about how the FSM...
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    Are you serious??? Stupid arguments like this make me so…… MEANWHILE, IN AMERICA… You keep using that word, I don’t...
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    It’s usually quite impossible to argue with creationists, so I just roll my eyes and scroll by. BUT EVOLUTION IS WRONG...