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So, Scott Lobdell displayed his general Twitter etiquette today.

Let me start out by saying a few things:

(Newest comments are first, oldest last.)

1. I did misinterpret his initial response. My bad. When I asked about Roy’s Navajo heritage, I thought I was being clear that I meant his connection to the Navajo culture, not his ambiguous Native blood. I apologize for that, since I do get the feeling that a lot of the drama from his ostensibly changing Roy’s background was not deserved.

2. I still do think Scott’s comment, legitimate question or not, was poorly phrased. I now understand what he intended, but people still took offense, and he should have apologized for that rather than acting like people saying that he said something with a lot of racist connotations was the gravest of insults. If I step on someone’s foot without meaning to, I still apologize.

3. I also still think Scott is a racist and a misogynist. Not because of his comment, but because I’ve read RHATO. Which also gave further reason for his comments to be taken as insensitive.

4. The last comment on my part was probably somewhat off-topic, but, hell, I’d been wanting to get that off my chest for a while.

5. Whatever else, I think we can all agree that DC’s PR department has no Twitter policy.

It’s ironic, b/c I was actually all set to post a “My bad, Scott actually meant this, though I still think his question had enough in common with racist statements about people who don’t ‘look’ Native not being Native enough that he should apologize” Tumblr post before this conversation continued, the Android app just wouldn’t let me post it.

Somehow, I don’t think he’s going to be answering any more of my questions.

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    i hate everything scott lobdell chooses to be.
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    Lobdell makes me sick. How has this man not been fired yet? Theres evidence that his tittles have dropped in sales. Time...
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    Exactly. Did I just see people in here cosigning bullshit b/c he writes a character you like? That he’s ruining imo?...
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    Yes, I am the real bad guy here.
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    Yes!! Fair point. I’m gonna go have my cookie. :-)
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    I’m not speaking for all Natives. I know better than anyone I can’t do that. But I can speak for me and for my family...
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