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What would happen if an meteor or asteroid the size of ______________, made of ______________, hit Earth at a speed of ______________? 

There’s a web app for that. Check out Purdue’s Impact: Earth!

Have fun destroying the planet!!! (And learning about asteroid impacts of various sizes and energies, of course)

This is way cool!!

Simultaneously fascinating, terrifying, and perhaps a little buggy.

"The Earth is strongly disturbed by the impact, but loses little mass.

Depending on the direction and location the collision, the impact may make a noticeable change in the tilt of Earth’s axis (< 5 degrees).

Depending on the direction and location of impact, the collision may cause a change in the length of the day of up to 303 hours.

The impact does not shift the Earth’s orbit noticeably.”

"Global Damages: Day change: not significant.”

(via burritosong)

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    My meteor melted 100 percent of the earth, and caused a change in the length of the day up to 90.6 hours… I’m feeling...
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    an meteor or asteroid the size of the TARDIS, made of whovians, hit Earth at a speed of -75 miles per hour
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    Simultaneously fascinating, terrifying, and occasionally, a little hilarious. “The Earth is strongly disturbed by the...
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    This is way cool!!
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