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Malicious Prosecution (by Anthony Arbogast-DeLuca)

Content warnings for sexual abuse of children and a conspiracy by government officials to cover up abuse.

Video description: This is a video of a conversation between South Dakota State Investigators on November 4, 2011 (prior to obtaining a search warrant) discussing their plan to criminally prosecute Brandon Taliaferro and Shirley Schwab despite having no evidence of any wrongdoing.

According to http://splitfeathers.blogspot.com/2012/12/rough-justice-in-indian-country.html :

Brandon Taliaferro and Shirley Schwab are, respectively, a deputy state’s attorney and a child welfare advocate who took action to stop the sexual and physical abuse reported by a group of Native children adopted into white homes by their “parents”. During the investigation, “Sheriff’s deputies [took] the children out of school… and brought them to the basement room, with its table, chairs, one-way mirror, and recording equipment. One by one, the children faced Agent Mark Black of the Department of Criminal Investigations and a partner. The children were each alone, without an adult present on their behalf.”

As further reported in the article,”while being questioned by the agents, the children became fearful and wept, according to someone familiar with the case who asked not to be identified for fear of retribution. The youngsters were apparently not told they were being recorded. While left alone for a time, one explored the room, discovered the camera equipment behind a peephole, and began to cry.”

This blatant attempt to cover up abuse by state officials, and to punish those who sought to aid these children, is sickening.

The trial of Brandon and Shirley is set for January 7 of this year. They are being charged with coercing the children to falsely report that they were being abused.

Please spread this like wildfire.

(Again, the full story can be found here: http://splitfeathers.blogspot.com/2012/12/rough-justice-in-indian-country.html )

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