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I’m just going to call it that, and tag it with that as well, just in case anyone wants to saviour it.

For those that haven’t heard, we’ve figured out a ‘loophole’ on how International fans can buy the episodes [legally] on iTunes.

This process requires an American to do the transaction [with you supplying the money of course] and we’ve gotten a good number of volunteers so contact either of them if you want to buy the episodes!

If anyone else wants to help out, just send me a message and you’ll be added to this list.

#DCNation #SaveDCNation #BringThemBack

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    For all my international followers looking to support YJ and GLTAS legally.
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    okay i am pretty sure that the dealio with this is that intl fans can’t use their normal itunes accounts with their...
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    Here’s a work around to get the GLTAS and YJ digital episodes legally.
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    It’s important to read all the instructions :D
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    Actually, if you go to your account settings, and set your country to USA [independently of where you are], you can get...
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    But it doesn’t WORK! I tried it and got “This code is only valid for customers of the USA store”.
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    International fans can send requests for iTunes they have accounts with to stock TV series/movies/music that particular...
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