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Have I ever told you guys the story of how I got into comics?

I’m a little bit embarrassed to say that it was through, of all things, Superman Returns.

Looking back on it in retrospect, it was… well, a terrible movie, but at the time I really fell in love with it. I knew even then that it wasn’t that great, but I really liked that it wasn’t the same fucking origin story again. I liked the character of Jason, and the humanization of Superman. I liked the potential of the universe.

But most importantly, I liked Lois Lane

You see, I was at the time very enamored of the idea of going into journalism. I’d taken a media studies class in middle school, and going out of it, I was determined to find the very best lance I could and go tilting at the windmill of the modern media. I dreamed of pulling journalism out of the depths to which it had fallen, doing actual investigative journalism and uncovering corruption, and in that Lois Lane was my idol.

Lois Lane was the one who got me into Superman. She was the one who got me looking up old episodes of Superman: The Animated Series and Lois and Clark, who had me hunting down Superman scans online and borrowing Superman comics from my friends and the local library. She was the one who got me into comics. She was the one through whom I discovered Scans_Daily, through whom I first got into fandom, through whom I first began buying graphic novels and reading Wikipedia entries and buying the serials. I remember not really knowing a lot about comic canon at the time that I first walked in to my local comic store: 52 was just ending, and Countdown was just starting. I was told that it would be a backbone of continuity, so I decided to start picking it up, but truthfully, there was more than that involved.

You see, I had heard of a little something called Kingdom Come, in which Lois Lane had died and- well, I didn’t really know what else happened beyond Superman and Wonder Woman hooking up and having a baby, but I found the premise terrifying, and I didn’t know if it was truly in the future of the DC universe, or if its events were somehow imminent in current continuity. And they kept promising that someone would die in Countdown and rattle the foundations of the universe, and I worried.

Actually, that’s a lie. Worried? I was terrified, absolutely terrified, that it would be Lois.

So I bought the first Countdown, and was relieved to find out it wasn’t.

After that, I kept picking up Countdown, finding it intriguing despite its lackluster beginnings and steep descent into the truly terrible. But between Countdown and Scans_Daily, I got into the character of Jason Todd, and from there into the Batfamily, and from there generally meandered to the Bat and Arrowfam fan I am now. Simultaneously, I discovered the sweet lure of the hard sciences and abandoned my journalistic aspirations, and with that combination, I began to drift away from the Superman books, and thus from Lois Lane. But back when I was 13, 14, 15, Lois Lane was my idol, the person I aspired to be

So to see her ground down like this… to see her turned into a corporate puppet in the New 52…. to see her brutalized and murdered as a fucking plot point for Superman in Injustice: Gods Among Us… it makes me just
unspeakably angry.

How dare they

How dare they


To Lois Lane

To the Everywoman

To the woman who inspired Superman, who showed him what humanity could be

To the woman who inspired me, who showed me what I could become

To the woman who inspired thousands of little girls everywhere

To the woman who stood as an icon of truth and justice, of resistance to corruption, of doing what it takes, of female empowerment

To the woman who would be disgusted at what has been done to her in the comics now?

I wandered away from my idol, drifted down the path certain in her invulnerability, and when I got back I found them melting her down for her gold. I saw her gutted carcass strewn on the ground, ravaged carelessly for the sake of the men around her.

And I wept.

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