I like DC characters; I just hate DC

I'm Amy, a white queer atheist vegetarian cis female physics major. I spend most of my time fangirling Connor Hawke, Jason Todd and Cassandra Cain. This blog is sex-positive, body positive, QUILTBAG positive, anti-racism, anti-misogyny, anti-ableism, anti-oppression in general, anti-whatever fuckery DC is pulling now, and pro-Missing-E. Check out http://daggerpen.livejournal.com/tag/fanfiction for my fics. I have SPD and a migraine disorder, so please tag for flashing lights, general trigger warnings, and, just as a personal "I'm tired of seeing scans from these shitty arcs" thing, tag for Fabian Nicieza and Grant Morrison, as well as the issue numbers of the arcs in which they both butchered Jason's characterization.
I am likewise willing to tag for anything. I do my best to tag for anything that might generally be a problem for someone, but if I'm posting something you need to Savior, just drop me an ask and I'll do my best. Thanks to Tumblr user dimethyloctopus for the icon. Check out the full version here: http://dimethyloctopus.tumblr.com/post/48569979761/cass-cain-redesign-kinda

I’ve been getting all sorts of shuffled around on their phone lines. I finally got to a comment line or something today, so I left my contact information there, and hopefully I’ll get called back. Anyone have any ideas of specific people I might contact? I’ve got the email addresses of some CN figures, I suppose I could always contact them if the comment line thing fails. I don’t suppose anyone here might know a better tack?

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