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Image Transcript:

Page One:

Panel One: Superman stands, eyes closed, with his back turned on a group of people in blue hazmat-style suits, all of whom carry guns. They stand over two men in white coats in the destroyed wreckage of a building. A series of narration boxes read: Suicide Slum, 4:48 P.M. - It takes a while for the Technology Squad to arrive. It takes longer still for them to secure what’s left of the Intergang lair. But it might be booby-trapped, there might be damaged weaponry.

Panel Two: A tired-looking Clark Kent stands in the Daily Planet bullpen with a folder under his arm. People mill about in the background, looking at files. A series of narration boxes read: The Daily Planet, 6:02 P.M. - My deadlines passed more than an hour ago. Perry’s already gone home, and Ed Byrnes, the night editor, has taken over. I filed less than half the stories I needed to. I won’t get those assignments —

Panel Three: Clark stands in front of the door to his apartment, holding a black briefcase in his right hand and inserting a key into the doorknob. The narration box says: — And Lois’s and my anniversary—

Panel Four: In the background, Clark opens the door, staring. In the foreground, Lois Lane sits in lingerie, a bottle of wine in a bucket of ice next to her. The apartment’s lights have been dimmed, and candles scatter all the surfaces around her, burning slowly.

Lois: Hi, honey. Hard day?

Panel Five: A close-up of Clark’s face. He looks surprised.

Clark: Wh- what—?

Page Two:

Panel One: Clark walks into the apartment in the foreground, viewed from behind. Lois still sits on the table, hand on the wine bottle beside her.

Lois: Come in, come in. You don’t want old Mrs. Schwartz walking by. Not while I’m dressed like this. And you might check that folder in your briefcase.

Panel Two: Clark kent opens the folder and looks at the papers within with a confused expression.

Clark: Huh? But it’s just my notes for the articles I never — wh-what? The articles? They’re all here — all completed —?

Panel Three: Lois pours herself a glass of wine, smiling.

Lois: I took what notes you’d pulled together, made a couple of calls, finished the pieces. Fed ‘em into the system under your editing code. Of course, I had to split a few infinitives, clunk up a few sentences so Perry’d think it was you…

Panel Four: Clark removes his brown trenchcoat, standing in front of Lois, who has set down her glass and is playing with the wine bottle again, now returned to the ice.

Clark: After all that with Lana and Callie — and I screwed up breakfast and lunch —

Lois: I do tap into the police bands on my handheld, you know. You were busy. And you save millions of people on a regular basis — so if I get to save you once in a while, it’s only fair.

Panel Five: Lois takes Clark by the hand.

Lois: As for the rest — for an invulnerable man, you’re so easy to needle. I know you. I trust you with anyone, anywhere. Now come on. Dinner will be here from La Plume in twenty minutes.

Panel Six: Clark lifts Lois off her feet slightly as they swing around on the balcony outside their apartment, dancing.

Lois: … so we’ve just got time for a dance.

[From Superman 654]

"Lois Lane is such a bitch"

"Lois Lane can’t possibly be with Superman, she’s not strong enough for him"

"Lois Lane is just a damsel in distress - she needs Superman to save her all the time"

"Lois Lane isn’t that important"

Fuck that shit.

Lois Lane is amazing.

I love Superman and all. But Lois Lane is my hero.

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