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AIM Supporter Charged With Desecrating American Flag

Joshua Brubaker of Blair County, Pennsylvania has been cited for displaying an upside down American Flag spray-painted with “AIM” across it for what he says was expressing his American Indian heritage beliefs.

Wasn’t there a court case a while ago establishing that you can’t actually make desecrating the flag illegal, because that’s the entire fucking point of freedom of speech?

Yes, Texas v Johnson (flag burning), United States Supreme Court 1989, later upheld under US v Eichman in 1990, which also went to desecration issues. I can’t think of anything that has changed these recently, maybe other legally inclined people on Tumblr might.




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    Just a little reminder that desecrating the flag is not a crime, and in fact making it a crime would be massively...
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    Yes, Texas v Johnson (flag burning), United States Supreme Court 1989, later upheld under US v Eichman in 1990, which...
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    That’s just what I was thinking. But then you get a cop with a power complex who will write a ticket for whatever he...
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