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If you flip a coin 10 times and 8 of them are heads, it might still be luck.

If you flip a coin 100 times and 83 of them are heads, you can be pretty sure the coin is weighted

If you flip a coin 1000 times and it’s heads 830 times, it’s obviously a weighted coin

If you flip a coin 10,000 times and it’s heads 8,300 times

You are fully entitled to ask what the fuck is going on

Without someone informing you that sometimes “it just happens that way”

Or accusing you of wanting a quota system

We don’t want a quota system, we want a fair fucking coin.

I twittered about this earlier, but sometimes it feels as though talking about misogyny in this industry is like dealing with Groundhog Day: there seems to be a continuous reset, a collective male amnesia around the issue. As if, when a woman speaks out, it’s for the first time and everyone is shocked. Just shocked, I tell you. Sexism exists? OH MY GOD.
Veteran writer Marjorie Liu on sexual harassment/misogny in the comics industry—and the collective amnesia that hits much of the industry every time the topic ever gets broached. (via robot6)

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Last week I wrote this piece for Comic Book Resources about the new Teen Titans #1 cover. The point of the piece was hey, there’s a broad demographic DC *could* be hitting with this book but the cover is certainly not made for that potential demographic. Instead, it’s more of the same-old,…

I’ve worked with Janelle on Red Robin for the majority of my run. She is one of my favorite collaborators and also a great friend. She brings up a lot of things that women have to deal with, in this case within our industry. It’s not about attacking men, it’s about bringing to light the problems that exist and our inability see what is actually going on. My personal belief is that the more we talk about this and the more people know the better we can all be. 

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Well now I'm curious. I looked up all of the books that you recommended and there's only one by a male writer. You know men write YA too, right? It's not just stories about vapid teen girls. There are real stories in there. Might I recommend you branch out to include more stories that aren't just about teen girls? Neil Gaiman, David Levithan, Jay Asher just to name a few.
daggerpen daggerpen Said:





 There are real stories in there

are you trying to tell me, a woman, that a story about a “vapid” teen girl isn’t a real story? dude are you lost on the way to /r/theredpill or something?

i’m not at all interested in the authors mentioned, or their books. they do nothing for me. if you want to recommend books to people, go ahead and do it, but i’m not going to do it for you. and for real, neil gaiman? do you even go here? 

ok which one of you is trolling me tho

"Men write YA too, right? It’s not just stories about vapid teen girls."

"Men write YA too, right? It’s not just stories about vapid teen girls."

"Men write YA too, right? It’s not just stories about vapid teen girls."

"Men write YA too, right? It’s not just stories about vapid teen girls."

"Men write YA too, right? It’s not just stories about vapid teen girls."

"Men write YA too, right? It’s not just stories about vapid teen girls."

Wow, every time I publish a YA novel, I hope there are at least 10 male YA writers out there to make up for my stories about vapid teenage girls.  WAIT.  What am I even saying.  My books aren’t even REAL!  They don’t even exist.  Thank goodness for that because they’re about girls.

This is why the ongoing conversation about how undermined and discredited female YA writers are for their work is so important.  Whether or not this ask is serious—I hope it’s not, but ha ha as a YA author I’ve seen exactly this sentiment when it is—it’s super indicative of a very real and pervasive and damaging attitude that NEEDS CHANGING.  (Or wait, does it?  It’s just hurting girls, after all!  Those vapid, vapid girls.)  Also a perfect example of how any story that has value to a girl is completely devalued BECAUSE it has value to a girl.

I mean, seriously, how can you write someone an ask like that with any kind of sincerity and not see how messed up the overall sentiment behind it is?

ALL of this. 


Whenever I hear the "Women are paid $.78 for the man’s $1" I flip it around.

Men make $1.22 for every woman’s $1.

It interests me that even the most common simple measure of gender inequality is firmly based on male-as-normative …

bisexual activist and queer theory blogger Patrick RichardsFink 

this is an interesting point, although mathematically inaccurate: assuming the women:men, 0.78:1 ratio is correct, men make $1.28 for every woman’s $1

A white man makes $1.34 for every dollar that a black man makes

A white man makes $1.52 for every dollar that a latino man makes

A white man makes $1.24 for every dollar that a white woman makes

A white man makes $1.44 for every dollar that a black woman makes

A white man makes $1.67 for every dollar that a latina woman makes

That’s some bullshit right there.

Let’s take it a step further. For every hour a white man works, a black woman has to work 86 minutes to earn as much money. 57.6 hours a week compared to the white man’s 40.

Take it another step further. Assuming a Monday through Friday, 9 to 5 job, from Thursday 12:45pm through Friday end of business, a white man gets paid for his work, a black woman is, by comparison, working for free.

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This. I am tired of seing this numbers without thinking about woc. (via nabyss)

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for real tho 99% of the time this “grimdark” bullshit is a macabre excuse to punish and brutalize women and girls like. you’re not even subtle with this shit anymore.

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See: men getting tortured and flagrantly beaten and rising back up is an assertion of masculinity and a sign of a hero, whereas with women and girls it tends to be an excuse for torture porn, making the heroine a victim that the (ostensibly male) audience wants to ‘protect’, or using their suffering as justification for aggression, because we’re not supposed to take action for ourselves.

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This is a great article that does a good job of explaining exactly why arguments excusing ”sexy armor” are invalid and altogether ridiculous.

This awesome article not only thoroughly explains why there’s no way to logically justify sexualization of female characters in video games, but also highlights the struggles that women in the industry go through:

The thing is, in this industry, you don’t want to be “that girl.” The world has communicated very thoroughly, with Anita Sarkeesian’s death threats, with so many comments on Kotaku, and with comments in the hallways of the workplace and the podiums of conventions, that being “that girl” is bad. Real bad. Potentially end of career bad.

But it’s not just dangerous for potential ramifications on career trajectory. There’s also a social component of how “that girl” is insufferable, annoying, and should be punishable by shaming. 

Many female game designers, anonymously and publicly alike, confess how they have to deal with sexist standards of the industry, just so they can keep their jobs. It’s a legit problem that men, especially the ones chanting “sex sells!” or “it’s intended for male gamers!” are either blisfully unaware of or willfully ignore (my bets are on the latter option, though).

Please guys, read the whole thing.


People are often quick to dismiss arguments against the conventional wisdom that “sex sells” as “politically correct” idealism.  But one of the most compelling argument against the slogan comes from the other side of the political spectrum.

David Ogilvy was one of, if not The great iconic Ad Men of the 1960’s.  Unsurprisingly he was deeply invested in the idea of gender roles and claimed “I am less offended by obscenity than by tasteless typography, banal photographs, clumsy copy, and cheap jingles”.  He also (literally) wrote the book on how to create effective advertising and measure the effectiveness of your advertising. 

He was, amazingly, admantly against introducing sex to sell any product that wasn’t inherently sexual in itself for one simple reason:

All his research and experience in advertising told him it would not work.

What did Ogilvy very sincerely believed was the first step in creating effective advertising an massive sales? To create a high quality product.

That way all that was required was to sincerely show the customers why it was a great product and the rest would take care of itself.

So when developers distort their products (comics, books, movies, video games, etc) by cramming sexualised imagery into them with the mentality of “sex sells” so “more sex will sell even more” they are actually sabotaging their product’s reception, reputation, sales and it’s marketing campaigns.

At least according to an old white man from the 1960s who always assumed women should be house wives… and also happened to be one of the greatest thinkers in advertising.


The article is fantastic (do check it out!) as is the above comment.

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Newsweek’s staff is comprised of 43.3% female reporters, writers and editors as of today. 


One Group Had A Hypothesis About Sexism. They Made A Bunch Of Pies To Prove It.

Every year, a group of volunteers does an old-fashioned tally: How many of the stories, articles, and reviews in major literary publications are by or about women authors? They turned their tick marks into pie charts, and the VIDA Count was born. The gender imbalance it reveals is so dramatic, there should probably be an episode of “Law & Order” about it. Here are just a few of the ickiest “pies.”

Id love to see race & definitely sexuality next

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