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This is all kinds of fucked. Icelandic woman creates a photo album to document all the sexist shit she sees on Facebook, then this happens:

Responses to the album have been varied. Along with praise, Hildur has received a number of death threats. Last month, an Icelandic man made a public Facebook status saying, “If I ‘accidentally’ ran over Hildur, she is probably the only person on earth that I would back up over, and leave the car on top of her with the hand brake on!! Put this in your ‘men who hate Hildur’ folder, Hildur Lilliendahl.”

So she did. And now Facebook has given her a 30-day ban for posting screenshots of other people’s Facebook statuses, which is against Facebook guidelines — even when those statuses are public.

And Facebook says it’s because of their anti-bullying policy.

FUCK THAT. Because calling someone sexist is worse bullying than a death threat?

Fuck you and your blatant misogyny, Facebook.

Wasn’t I also just hearing yesterday about a woman who, when she reported a terribly sexist page (one of upskirt photos ones, I think I recall?) she was the one who ended up getting banned for supposedly having two facebook pages or not using her real name or something? And the page she reported is still up?

I mean, it doesn’t seem facebook ever takes down those really awful pages that I’ve reported (and know many of you have) so… I don’t know what else I expected.

So creep-shots and rape-threats are a-okay with Facebook. But women fighting back? Oh no! Can’t have some uppity ass b*tches ruining all the fun of The Dudebro Collective.

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MAJOR trigger warnings for rape, rape culture, ableism, and general things that make the bile rise up in your throat behind the cut.

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Two things stand out about the case of Terry Williams: First, he allegedly suffered a traumatic childhood of sexual and physical abuse, and ultimately killed two of his alleged abusers. Second, a broad coalition of organizations, religious leaders, advocates and others — including the widow of one of his victims and several of the jurors who convicted him — are calling for clemency for Terry.

Just to recap:

  • Young boy suffers horrible abuse both within and outside his family.
  • Boy goes to juvenile detention, and is raped twice there.
  • Boy is raped repeatedly by two middle aged men, whom he later kills when he is 17 and 18 years old.
  • Boy is sentenced to death for killing the adult man who began raping him when he was 13 years old.

This is completely reprehensible. The state of Pennsylvania is responsible for the rapes that occurred while this child was in their custody. And now they want to proceed with an execution when he finally snapped and took the lives of his abusers. No one protected him. No one helped him.

This man should not lose his life. He was a victim, plain and simple. There is a petition going around, urging clemency for him. Please consider signing.

What the hell.. Even the widow is asking for mercy, why isn’t the State listening?

Only reason I can think of is to cover their own trip ups with him getting raped in their custody.

I don’t think they need to cover that up because the general public doesn’t seem to care that much about what happens to prisoners in custody—even when they’re minors.

I think the issue is that the criminal justice system does not like to consider that they may have been wrong. Troy Davis comes to mind. He was executed last year in Georgia, in spite of the evidence suggesting he was most likely innocent. So I don’t think PA is alone in its quest to carry out sentences regardless of new evidence, or evidence that was withheld at original trial.

PA takes the blame for having the death penalty at all though. And for not having to explicitly tell jurors that a life sentence would not include the possibility of parole.

ETA: And of course the whole criminal justice system is steeped in racism. So that is a big factor as well.

^^^Having studied rape law, I can honestly say that the victims get screwed over multiple ways to next Tuesday. 

Trigger warnings for rape culture, harassment, street harassment, stalking, misogyny, the works.

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TW: HARASSMENT, VERBAL ASSAULT, and general asshattery stemming from being a woman in the wrong fucking place, which is apparently anywhere but your own living room.

Addition from Daggerpen: Cut for the sake of my followers. Please heed the trigger warnings. I think I’ll also add “rape culture” to the list of triggers here.

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shoot me in the face

Yeah, the Sanctity of Life Act was really messed up. Guess who fought for the bill’s absolute restriction on abortion after conception or CLONING? The King of Freedom: Ron Paul. Poor decisions by Pauls all around.

This is beyond disgusting… The epitome of rape culture all around. Ugh.

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This is a Scottish anti-rape PSA that is a direct response to blaming a rape victim for dressing like a slut. What do you think? Is it effective?

ummmmm YES.

we need PSA’s like this in the U.S. asap. this video gets to the point of what rape culture is and is very serious about it.


Wow, absolutely. This was amazing, and it was only thirty seconds.

this is fantastic

This!! Show this in the states! 

Fucking brilliant

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This is Gary Cherny, the vocalist for Before We’re Done. Which is arguably the most well respected band currently in Mile High (Denver) Hardcore. Gary is known for being a stand up guy that easily floats between all cliques, groups and social circles in our local hardcore community. He is often viewed as “everyone’s friend”. With a giant hug, a firm handshake or welcoming smile this man has won over the hearts of many folks that come around to shows, effectively fooling each and every one of them. 

The four above photos are screen shots of messages which Gary sent me via the anonymous option on Tumblr. With the use of my IP tracker and a few unsuspecting questions to Gary, we were able to prove that it was him beyond a reasonable doubt. 

To backtrack… I was raped inside of my home three months ago by someone that had been stalking me at shows. This person would call me from blocked numbers, reference what I had been wearing at the show the night before, threaten to rape me and then hang up. We all thought it was simple harassment, but the person turned out to be good on their threat. Unfortunately, to this day we have no been able to identify this person, as I did not see his face at all during my attack. 

Now, I am not suggesting that Gary was my perpetrator, let’s be clear on that. What I am saying is that, at the very least, his choice of words was especially poor. No woman should ever be told to “get raped” in the first place, period. The wounds, however, are still fresh and it has sent me into an incredibly dark place. 

Gary and I have been close acquaintances for a while (which is why I am more than confused by his actions) and he knew that growing up my biological father was my best friend. He knew that he had raised me all on his own as a single parent my whole life and when he died when I was 14 that my world shattered. He also knew that my foster father sexually abused and perpetrated me repeatedly in my teen years. Hence my reaction to his last anonymous message when he said, “go get raped by some father figure in your life… Oh wait… You don’t have one.”

When confronted, he profusely denied it and said, “I can’t even understand how you would think that was me, EmilyAnne,” as he hid behind his friendly reputation. Upon making it known that there was absolutely no way he could debate his innocence, he asked if we could meet in person and talk. I agreed on the condition that I could bring Marco to witness what he had to say. We all met up later that night and he continued to give me gigantic puppy eyes, practically turning on the water works and confessed while also trying to give a sad story about why he did what he did. I cut him off, asked Marco if he had heard Gary’s confession and we both walked away. 

If you read the screen shots, it’s very more than clear that there is direct aggression, threats and the obvious suggestion of rape. This is something that I will not tolerate in my community. Many of you will be shocked to read this (if it gets out) and will probably wish to deny it initially. But, Gary has called multiple people seeking help and has openly admitted to all of them what he did. Ask him yourself, he will not deny it. Now, the threats and words that he used are ones that are very direct. Whatever his excuse, I have no desire to hear it. This is rape culture at it’s finest when we listen to and take pity on a man that undeniably targeted a woman agressively telling her “you’re gonna get what’s coming to you”, “all in due time, bitch” and “go get raped”. 

When I first received the anons before we figured out it was Gary, I called the police, suspecting it had some attachments to my rape. They suggested that I file a restraining order. I would much rather see this go around to every person in our scene and possibly branch out further resulting in immeasurable social discomfort for him. So, please, don’t just ‘like’ this post. Reblog it if you can. I know it is long, I know it is not funny, nor is it cute. But, it is important. Even if this gets two reblogs, I’ll be happy that at least the awareness branched out that far. His band tours around as well as plays local shows, all the while having Gary as their frontman talking about solidarity and love. About how hardcore is a place for kids who don’t belong to come and find a home. When clearly Gary is a misogynist, rape culture perpetuating, hypocrite. 

They will be playing this Tuesday at The Marquis. Please, support the touring bands, but omit your presence from the opening act Before We’re Done as well as all other shows they play if they continue to keep Gary as their vocalist. 

I’m so proud of you emilyanne for staying strong through this whole thing and letting others know who he really is. I think people not only in the denver hardcore community, but people in the community nation wide should also be aware of what he’s done, doesn’t mean you have to ‘pick a side’, but just be aware. People like this are cowards and are potentially dangerous. I’m not in the hardcore scene, but I go to shows with my boyfriend all the time. I’ve been around Gary many times and I always felt like there was something off. Rape culture does exist, and this just shows that it can even exist in people that are looked up to and respected. More than anything, I hope that my friend is okay and that she won’t have to deal with anymore backlash from Gary’s words. He should take full responsibility for his actions.

I have no idea who this douchebag is, but signal boostin’ anyway.

What. the. fuck.  

And people think women are hysterical for not trusting strange men when malicious fucks like this exist and pretend to be our *good friends*???

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Fat Body Politics: [TW RAPE] Male Privilege: Daniel Tosh edition v2


dear sisters and sister-loving followers,

please sign the petition and email Viacom. If all of you do it right now, we can flood Viacom with thousands of complaints. This guy is a piece of shit and he is perpetrating rape culture like NO-ONE ELSE right now. Register your disgust. 
Make a difference.


In 2011 Daniel Tosh Aired an Actual Rape on his Show






After finding out this happened, I was really on the fence about posting it. It’s a disturbing video, from what I’ve heard. I haven’t watched the whole thing because discriptions from friends has been enough. Make no mistake, this is an actual rape happening. Tosh and Comedy Central thought it was funny enough to put on the air and make fun of. 

Please if you haven’t yet, sign the petition to get this man off television. He is a disgusting vile rape apologist and deserves absolutely nothing.  

Viacom, the owners of Comedy Central also has a contact page. Please contact them and let them know how disgusting this is.


Dear lord baby jesus I want to cry.

Earlier this year, Daniel Tosh actively encouraged his viewers to touch women’s stomachs without consent, and then aired a clip where he touches a coworker who looks incredibly uncomfortable and asks him “don’t touch ever touch my tummy”. Then he calls for all his viewers to do the same and says “be careful, because they pretend they don’t love it”.

Let me type that again: “be careful, because they pretend they don’t love it”. He assaults women to make a joke, airs a full on rape to get a cheap laugh, and threatens hecklers with rape when they can’t tolerate his nonsense.

tell me more about how people who wish rape on people arent a fucking threat to everyone safety.

I hope he drowns. 

“They pretend they don’t love it”

Seriously, please choke on something, Daniel Tosh. Please. 

This is really terrible. How is Tosh still on the air?

Wow, this is vile.

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Editor’s note: By now, you’ve probably heard about the terrible (because it’s all too common) incident that happened recently at the Hollywood Laugh Factory between comedian Daniel Tosh and a female audience member who was vocal about her displeasure with Tosh defending rape jokes in his stand-up act.

Tosh, who is known for his over-the-line comedy, both live and on-air, apologized over Twitter to the offended individual, providing some legitimacy to the claim that he went way over the line in this instance.

The he-said/she-said details of this particular instance, however, are far less important than the emerging discussion by comedians, feminists and media experts who have either expressed their support of Tosh or stand-up in general or commented upon the persistence of “off-limits” joke territories.

Lovers of the art form generally seem to agree that comedy is one of the few sacred spaces where commentary can be made on difficult, taboo topics in order to invite dialog. But most would also agree it takes a keenly honed sense of awareness and subtlety to execute these types of jokes successfully.

Of all the blog posts and news articles written about this recent flare-up of the age old comedy question so far, it’s been Austin area comedian Curtis Luciani who offered up the most deceptively eloquent statement on the larger matter that we’ve seen yet. As a member of sketch comedy groups Your Terrific Neighbors and The Hustle Show, he’s no stranger to flirting with that razon-thin line between hysterical and ostracizing. But he’s also, clearly, a really smart dude who gets the meaning and use of satire.

Published with his permission, here’s his response in its full, unapologetic glory (be advised: it contains dirty language) as it appeared on Facebook Wednesday.


Let’s imagine a world in which women cut men’s dicks off. Like, frequently. To the extent that one in five men has had his dick cut off by a woman or had a woman attempt to cut his dick off.

(I apologize immediately if it sounds like I’m being flip. I am not being flip. Imagine the pain and shame and humiliation of someone cutting your dick off. Imagine it in earnest.)

Sometimes it’s a clear-cut case where a woman attacks you in the street, out of nowhere, and cuts your dick off. But more often it’s a situation where you actually know the woman, maybe you trust her, maybe you think everything’s okay, and then one day she cuts your dick off.

Still with me? This is going to take a while. I’ll tell you when I’m done. (And if you think I’m being insufferably self-righteous: Good news, you don’t have to read this!)

Okay, now let’s also say that the shame and guilt around having your dick cut off is so strong that many dick-cuttings go completely unreported. After all, someone is likely to raise the question of whether or not you were “asking for it” in one way or another. And if you do accuse a woman of cutting your dick off, you can expect to see people (quite naturally) rally to her defense and slander your character in response.

You can expect to see her friends… who are maybe also friends or yours… shrug their shoulders and say “Well, I don’t know, it’s complicated… it sounds like something was just happening between the two of them and maybe it got out of hand. I dunno. But I know that Sarah’s not a bad gal. I know she would never, like, MALICIOUSLY cut a dude’s dick off.”

So, a shitty state of affairs for the men-folk of our imaginary world, yes?

Now imagine that in this world, something like 90 percent of professional performing comedians are women. And they’ve accepted that there are certain codes of behavior when it comes to comedy. Most people who “like comedy” generally accept the premise that there are no subject areas that cannot be somehow given a comic treatment, but it is also accepted, as a practical rule, that as the subject gets more troubling, more intense, more painful, a more skilled approach is necessary to find the humor in it.

However, it is also accepted that people are people and they are going to have authentic responses to things. It is accepted, for example, that you probably should not go in front of an audience that contains several black people and start tossing around the n-word unless you have an EXCEPTIONALLY sophisticated and road-tested routine built around it, one that you are confident will overcome the very significant risk you are incurring. If a comedian did this and did NOT overcome the risk, no one would be shocked if the audience shouted her down and stormed her out of the club, nor would anyone be particularly eager to defend her.

HOWEVER, there’s this ONE thing. Many of the comediennes of this world have this ONE little sticking point. One little thing. It just IRKS the hell out of them that they can’t seem to make jokes about cutting dicks off without some whiny pussy male in the audience throwing a shit fit about it!

Now, sure, there’s a few comediennes at the top of their game who can pull it off. Their approach is skillful, and they somehow make the joke without minimalizing or trivializing the actual pain involved. But then the rest of them think, “Well, geez, if they can do it, why can’t I? It’s not fair, darn it! I should be able to work with the same material as someone much better than me and get the same result and not make anyone hate me or say mean things about me on the Internet! Waaaaahhh!

“I mean, after all, do that many men REALLY get their dicks cut off? I’ve heard the statistic, but that’s probably overblown. And I bet a lot of them were asking for it. I mean, in any case, there’s a lot of grey area. I know one thing for sure: none of the men I KNOW has ever had his dick cut off. If they had, they would tell me, right? I mean, right? And besides, there’s a principle at stake here. I AM AN ARTIST. I should be able to say whatever shitty thing I want, and people should be able to suppress their authentic response to it!

“And if they DON’T suppress their authentic response to it: why, that’s censorship or something! Besides, I know this and that example of a time where a comedienne I know made a joke that wasn’t even ABOUT dick-cutting, and some whiny pussy dude got upset about it anyway! It’s just these humorless masculinists! They can’t take a joke about anything anyway. So, since I can think of examples where a comedienne was unfairly criticized by someone without a sense of humor, this must be what happens in all cases.”

Okay, I think we see what I’m getting at here.

Fine, yes, WHAT-THE-FUCK-EVER. I will concede the following points that every comedian wants us all so badly to concede:

1) Theoretically, there is no subject that should be considered off-limits for humor.

2) There will always be some example where a performer of extremely high skill can take something very painful and make it work.


Here’s what YOU need to understand:

1) Rape is way, WAY more prevalent than you seem to think it is. Are there more than five women in your audience? You do the math, and then you run the little fantasy scenario that I just put together in your head, and you tell me how it feels.

2) I ain’t buying any of that “If I can make jokes about genocide, why can’t I make jokes about rape?” Horseshit, unless you made those genocide jokes during a gig at the Srebrenica Funny Bone. You got away with making a joke about genocide because your odds of having a holocaust survivor’s kid in the audience were pretty fucking low.

And if you did happen to have one in the audience, and he heckled you, walked out, and wrote something nasty on the internet… would you be more likely to be a human being and say “Wow. I can understand why that person’s authentic response to what I was doing was so emotional and negative. Maybe my genocide material just isn’t good enough to justify the pain that it inflicts. Maybe I need more skill in order to pull this off.” Or are you gonna be a lousy piece of shit and say, “Yeah, I apologize, I guess, IF YOU WERE OFFENDED.”

Offended hasn’t got anything to do with it, moron.

People have wounds, and those wounds are painful. That doesn’t have shit to do with the weak concept of “taking offense.” If someone talks about Texas being a shitty state, I might “take offense” at that. Fine, whatever. All of us who like comedy are generally in agreement with the idea that “taking offense” is lame, and a comedian should be willing to “offend” whenever he or she wants to.

But causing pain is quite a different fucking matter. Your job as a comedian is to take us through pain, transcend pain, transform pain. And if you don’t get that, you are a fucking bully, and I’ve got zero time for bullies.

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