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But no, rape culture isn’t real.

Contact this sack of shit judge.

It’s not rape if you’re not a virgin, right???

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iwouldwalk500giles replied to your post: “God this is giving me unpleasant flashbacks to comics fandom (tw…”:
i knew something fucked up happened to her before but w o w D:

It was so bad that the writer of Batgirl at the time (Cass’s series) actually refused to participate in it and quit or something. I think we all need to remember Dylan Horrocks as the only man in DC Comics who found publishing torture porn starring a seventeen year old girl and then saying she deserved it morally objectionable. Bless him for being an actual decent human being. 

Also they blatantly admitted that they chose her as scapegoat to cash in on a crossover, but made her the first female Robin so her brutal death could have more impact. Yet the majority of fandom didn’t think it was fucked up that the writers threw a girl’s character under the bus and had her accidentally cause a massacre so they could be “justified” in killing her. They insisted on acting like Steph had actual autonomy, and that of course any young girl who makes a mistake bc she was blatantly emotionally manipulated by someone she saw as a father figure deserves to be brutally tortured.

of course i mean this isn’t the first time they’d done that, they actually had a poll in the 1980s about whether the Robin at the time, a 12-14 yr boy, should be brutally murdered (DO YOU WANT TO SEE THIS YOUNG CHARACTER BEATEN TO DEATH? YOU, THE VIEWER, DECIDE!!!)  and he was pretty much constantly blamed for being murdered bc he was “reckless”. But because he was a dude, he DID get a memorial in the batcave right away and didn’t have to go into sexy poses while being tortured at least.


God this is giving me unpleasant flashbacks to comics fandom

remember how people in fandom said “she deserved it” about Stephanie being tortured with a power drill by a bad guy and then shot and kicked down a flight of stairs

because she made a mistake one that had major consequences but no malicious intent on her part mind you and one that could easily have been avoided had Batman NOT emotionally manipulated a teenage girl to get back at his teenage sidekick for not wanting to be a superhero anymore

remember how actually the narrative validated that several times “Steph screwed up so yeah of course she died”

man fucking comics


This should go without saying, but since it doesn’t, it won’t.

Maryville, Mo., sprang into the news this fall with the Kansas City Star’s report of what sounds like a bewildering failure to prosecute the alleged rape of an incoherently intoxicated 14-year-old girl, especially given the amassed evidence. First came public shock, then came indignation, and now a special prosecutor is looking into the case. Which means, for an alarmingly large number of people, that it is safe to move along to grandstanding.

So, yes, someone actually started a sentence this way — criminal defense attorney Joseph DiBenedetto, talking on FOX about the Maryville case. “I’m not saying she deserved to be raped,” he says. “But.”

If you are starting a sentence with “I’m not saying she deserved to be raped,” the only safe way to get out of that sentence is to stick a period right there, put down the microphone and walk away. Keep walking. Walk until you reach the ocean. Stare into the waves. Think deeply about your life. Feel remorse. Feel something. Turn around. If you still don’t realize how wrong this is, ask a stranger for her shoes and walk a mile in them. Walk two miles. Do whatever you need to do to realize that news stories contain real people.

You could also say, “I’m not saying she deserved to be raped, because no one should ever say that, because no one deserves that. Period.”

The same goes for other obvious Sentence Traps. I don’t know why people keep straying into them. They are clearly marked. I’m not racist, but. I’m not sexist, but. I’m not against gay people, but. I’m not saying that we should eat the Irish children, but. I don’t actually think we should euthanize anybody, but. Obviously I am not in support of victim-blaming, but. I’m not advocating that we all kneel on this pentagram and concede that maybe Hitler made some valid points, but –

The buts have it, every time.

“I’m not saying X” is another way of announcing “I am about to say X.” You are even warning yourself. If you are a mammoth, this sentence is a gaping tar pit, clearly flagged as such.

The reason this sentence trap is so dangerous, with the alluring “but” beckoning you through the mist, is that in most of the more egregious cases, it highlights the gap between what you actually think and what you know you are allowed to say. You know that it is wrong to blame the victim, but what you are about to say will blame the victim. You know that it is wrong to be a racist, so you have to acknowledge that you are not a racist before you say that racist thing. This is the same kind of logic that allows us to shove old ladies out of our way to catch taxis in the rain but still think of ourselves as nice people. We know in our heart of hearts, wherever that is, that we are not racist, sexist, victim-blaming losers. If what we are saying sounds like the words of a racist, sexist, victim-blaming loser — well, no matter. We know it’s not like that. That is not who we are. What I’m saying is not what I’m saying.

And this kind of awkward verbal dance happens most often in the wake of events like this. After all, it’s grandstanding season. It’s our opportunity to gather ’round and see who can spin the most Sweeping Conclusions About The Mayville Case or the Steubenville Case or the Trayvon Martin Case and do so with The Least Knowledge Possible.

“What you’ve done, Joseph, is taken an alleged victim of rape and turned her into a liar and a crime committer,” Shepard Smith notes. “That’s a far jump from a 1,000 miles away.”

Too bad.

You’re a Good Person, Just Making a Point. You have generalizations to make. In the process, people stop being people and become incidents. Whole towns become incidents. They become symbols, examples, cases in point. You don’t talk about them the way you would talk about anyone you realized was a person. They sort into archetypes, depending on what your previous notions were: Drunk Girl Who Was “Asking For It” and Jock Princes Who Get Away With Anything In These Small Towns. What can’t you say about them?

This. This is one thing. This should go without saying.

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This is the kind of world we live in today

If your suggestion as an administrator is to tell a teenage girl to go under the knife instead of telling a teenage boy to respect women, you are in the wrong damn line of work.



This is the kind of world we live in today

If your suggestion as an administrator is to tell a teenage girl to go under the knife instead of telling a teenage boy to respect women, you are in the wrong damn line of work.

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MASSIVE tws for rape, misogyny, incest, victim blaming, slut shaming, homophobia, ableism, racism and general grossness.






I don’t even…

Mark Millar sucks goats and the above is one of the many reason why.

I still remember reading his run on The Authority, where in the very first arc, Apollo (gay Superman)* gets raped by one the new bad guys during their first fight, I guess to show how very evil these new character are. So in the final fight, Midnighter (gay Batman)* gleefully revenge rapes the bad guy with a huge power tool (I think a drill?).

I gave up on the book during the Transfer of Power arc, where Shen was brainwashed into being the subservient wife of a powerful man and was being belittled by her “husband”. Reading that bit, I had a moment of, “What the fuck?” Why was I reading something that treated the homosexual (mostly Apollo) and female characters so horribly, and making me feel like shit after reading it?

Being a dumb teenager back then, I didn’t really keep track of writers, so I also bought Wanted and a whole bunch of his other stuff before growing up and realising how terrible his writing really was.


*If I remember correctly, Apollo and Midnighter got huge press for being a homosexual superhero couple during Ellis’s run on The Authority, and it was pretty obvious they were a Superman and Batman analogy (and I think that was mentioned in those articles, but I’m not 100% certain. My google-fu is poor today and I can’t find any articles from back then). So what’s the first thing Millar does when he gets his hands on gay Superman and Batman? Superman gets raped.

Oh my god, really? urgh

Also “I don’t think rape is that big a deal, which is why I use it as a major plot device” is a bit of a bullshit implication.

Mark Miller has the mindset of a highschooler.  Blood, guts, swears, rape, pop culture, he really is a shallow writer.

I mean, even when I read Civil War for the first time, throwaway lines about Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton just made me roll my eyes.

He’s the Michael Bay of Comics, which is an insult to Michael Bay cause at least he didn’t put rape in the Transformers movies (As far as I know).

We’re talking about the writer who:

  • Had the villain in Kickass 2 shoot children right before he rapes Kickass’s girlfriend.
  • Has a book called Nemesis, where the villain kidnaps the police chief’s children, forces the gay son to have sex with her sister, and impregnate her, and they can’t abort the baby because “her womb is booby trapped and removing the baby would prevent her from ever having children again.”  Did I mention that this is the last time we ever get a mention of these characters?  Because we have to be AMAZED at how badass the villain is the whole time.

Seriously, Millar is immature and stuck in a high school mindset.  Which sadly equals huge sales. >:(

This reminds me of the first volume of Ultimates that he wrote, which was the only one I read. In the book, Betty Ross has broken up with perpetual Nice Guy Bruce Banner. We’re clearly meant to see Betty as an emasculating bitch, constantly rebuffing Bruce’s attempts to repair a relationship that Betty has clearly stated she does not want. When Betty goes out on a date, Bruce hulks out and goes after her, tries to kill her date, and repeatedly threatens to rape her. Like, he chases her around the city. The Ultimates are the only thing standing between Betty and a giant rape monster. And to make matters worse, after Bruce is defeated and returned to human form, Betty has a discussion with someone (Fury, maybe, I don’t quite recall) about how maybe she could have avoided all of this mess if she had just been nicer to him. It was disgusting, victim blaming bullshit. So, seriously, fuck Mark Millar.

This isn’t even the extent of his worse stuff.

I pitched this to DC for a laugh years back. The idea was that, like Death of Superman, we had Rape of Wonder Woman; a twenty-two page rape scene that opened up into a gatefold at the end just like Superman did.

“While down at the shops, I saw a black guy with [Down syndrome]. Amazing, as this is something my friends and I had queried for years. Is DS genetically localized to Caucasians. Yes, I’m now about to waste 20 mins phoning a couple of my pals to say so, but now me appetite has been whet and I’m curious if there are any Chinese or Indian Downs Syndrome people out there. Given that Scotland is almost entirely white my chances of seeing one here are slim, but I’m certainly on the look out now.”
Superman shouldn’t be married to Lois. It’s just stupid. It makes no sense and destroys the whole dynamic. Superman is God, Jor-El is the Holy Spirit and Clark Kent is Jesus. The Kents are Mary and Joseph and Lois is Mary Magdelene. She’s the NYC girl who’s fucked her way around the city and found nobody who measures up. She’s just had it with men and is focusing on her career… then Superman shows up. […] He’s as Kryptonian as Jesus is divine. Did Jesus shag Mary Mag? I don’t think so. Superman should never shag Lois.

Also, wasn’t Millar the one who, when writing The Authority, had a villain travel back in time and molest - I forget which of the Authority it was, one of the female members - as a young girl? Or am I mixing him up with a different author?

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If someone had a fucking cupcake on their desk, and it looked really delicious, and then some other person came along and swiped that cupcake, or dipped their finger in their icing, Society would be like “that’s fucking messed up, you douchebag, why would you do that to somebody and to their fucking cupcake?”

If somebody leaves their dog in their yard, sleeping, and in the night, a stranger takes their dog away, Society would be like “post that shit all over, we have to find this dog thief.”

If somebody left their laptop in their dorm room, and their roommate spilled beer all over it and ruined it, then refused to pay, Society would be like “what an asshole, that’s really valuable, make him pay, report him, sue him.” 

What I am trying to say is this: 

…We never say “you shouldn’t have left a cupcake that looked like that all alone. What was it doing there, didn’t you expect it to be eaten?”

…We never say, “Well that’s part of the risk of owning a dog, you should have just not let your dog stay outside, where everybody could see and leer and look.”

…We never say “yeah, whatever, but it’s even worse to be labelled as a laptop destroyer, like that can really harm your chances in life, and also, what was your laptop doing near his beer anyways? Keep quiet, it’s better to just let your $1000 computer go than make any waves.”

Moral of the Story: 

A Cupcake has more respect than a victim of street harassment.

A dog has more freedom than a victim of rape.

A laptop has more credibility and importance than a victim of domestic violence.

Tell me again about how rape culture isn’t real. 


What I hate more than anything, and this includes Stephanie, is how when their “deaths” were brought up it was always to explain how reckless they were. Rarely did someone talk about their honor or their bravery.

Jason Todd died trying to save his mother. A mother who had just betrayed him to…

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if only you had listened

except for the part where he only DIDN’T listen because he was going to save his mom sooooooooooooo

#jason todd #just saying #let’s not victim blame jason #let’s blame idk #the joker????



Today in rape culture: sexual assault in the military? Totally whack!

RE: “and that is a fact”:

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